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Microsoft Paint by LumiResources And nothing more....

:iconseriousguitarplz: Well there's the stuff I want to post. Now if you Excuse me, my pizza is here. BRB- Intense Moment by Quando-Quando

Oh and by the way.......:thumb178949205:


THESE ARE AW- *Road roller falls on him*


SDGO: Master and Student by GhosttheHedgehog12
SDGO: Master and Student

XDD It was fun playing missions with :iconsupersonic124th:. I helped him obtain Shining Gundam and he's working on it's super mode. I think he's planning on making God/Burning Gundam in the time being X). 

IGN: LazerFan1: Me
VertoAngelicBloodwolf: :iconsupersonic124th:

SDGO: Softmax and OGPlanet

Gundam: Bandai and Yoshiyuki Tomino
SDGO: 8-30-14 Roster Update by GhosttheHedgehog12
SDGO: 8-30-14 Roster Update
Another update on my units in SDGO :) . As you may notice, I got some new units and got rid of some. Also, most of the suits have different color schemes. I can name a few: 

00 Raiser, Hyperion Unit 1, and GP02A Physalis (Nuke and MLRS): Personal Colors

Strike Freedom, Throne Zwei, and Unicorn NT-D: Dark Variants

Strike Gundam: Strike Rouge Colors (There is no striker pack-less Rouge in the game)

Psycho Gundam: Desert Colors

NT-1 Alex: Nu Alex (Nu Alex wa date ja nai!) 

Dreissen: Arctic Colors

Z Plus C1: Haman Custom

Methuss and GM Cold Climate Type: Repair Corps. 

SDGO: Softmax

Gundam: Bandai and Yoshiyuki Tomino 
Specter Bio by GhosttheHedgehog12
Specter Bio
Name: Ian Stratus

Nickname(s): Specter

Age: 18

Species: Hedgehog/Cyborg Hybrid

Gender: Male

IQ: 180

Marital Status: In a Relationship

DOB: April 23

Birth Place: Mobius

Residence: Earth

Occupation: Inventor

Alignment: Anti-hero

Top Speed: 160 mph

Basic Stats(can't exceed 40)
Agility - 35
Speed - 30
Strength - 27
Defense - 40
Evasiveness - 20
Dexterity - 36
Intelligence - 39
Skill - 31

Special Attacks:
Wire Guided Surprise- He detaches one of his hands and it goes after a target and blasts him with energy.
VBS (Varible Beam Scatter) Reactor Blast- He fires a beam shotgun-style from his energy reactor. The drawback is that he can't use this attack often because it drains his power source.

Abilities & Aptitude: He is well known for working on gadgets and repairs.

Hobbies & Talents:
Repairing old machenery
Enhanced Healing (For his biological parts)
Enhanced Ranged Prowness

Physical attacks and shells

Extreme Hot Temperatures
EMP Blasts

Personal facts
He hates being turned off.
His favorite food is grapes.
The robotic parts of him are made from titanium alloy, allowing him to whitstand alot of damage.

Friends: Dr. Inoue, Kio Kesin

Rivals: none

Enemies: Kyonix

Known relatives:
Borei "Ghost" Kesin- Older Foster Brother
Doan Stratus- Father (fate unknown)
Linda "Lin" Stratus- Mother (fate unknown)

Likes: Reading
Dislikes: Laziness
Gourmet of choice: Fruit
Beverages of choice: 7-Up
Favorite color(s): Blue

Personality: Nervous but kind if he warms up to someone.

Physical Appearance
Color: Metal Black with Light blue streak on his top quill and patches on the others.
Skin Color (i.e. muzzle, arms): Tan
Eye Color: Gemstone Purple
Nose: Natrual
Ears: Normal
Tail: Short
Other bodily features: Robotic Parts over 70% of his body.

Attire: Dark blue cargo jeans with Cyan shoes.

Items & Weapons:
"Agris" Wrist-mounted Blades-concealable in the bracelets
"Rukkus" Rail Gun- foldable twin guns stored in his sides
"Palm Vanceria" Handcannon- beam cannons stored in both of his hands
Flight Pack- allows Specter to perform better in aerial combat

Theme song: Rave-up Tonight…

Back Story: Coming Soon (If I feel like it XD) 

Base by: :iconhannahtherose111:

Specter belongs to me. 
Shadow Pants Artwork by GhosttheHedgehog12
Shadow Pants Artwork
Requested by :iconmimicmendoza: He provided me with the outline and I just put in the colors (flat and shaded). 
tagged by: :iconxartic-bearx: THANKS.............BRO! 


- Pick 10 of your OC in any order. If you don’t have 10 characters use canon.
- Don't look at the questions while picking the characters!
- Link back to the blank.
- Have fun! Giggle


1. Basara ( Female Boa Constrictor)
2. Shiki Izuha ( Female Hedgehog)
3. Specter ( Male Cyborg)
4. Calamity (Male Bear)
5. Kio Kesin (Male Hedgefox)
6. Wildfire (Male Molten Chaos)
7. Zoey (Female Cat) 
8. Dr. Inoue (Male Eagle) 
9. Sally Acorn
10. Blaze the Cat


1. How will [1] describe [6]?

Basara: *pets Wildfire* He's such a cute little little boy.
Wildfire: *smiles*

2. [5] and [4] were locked in a closet together. What does [10] see when he/she found them? 

Blaze: *finds Calamity and Kio* Huh....?
Kio and Calamity: All these squares make a circle.....*repeats it over and over* 

3. For whatever reason, [7] decides to kiss [2]. How does [2] react?

Shiki: * blushing embarrassingly* What in the world are you doing!?
Zoey: "Experimenting." *giggles*

4. [2] randomly walks in and sees [9] is at least half naked.

Shiki: Not a big surprise to me XD
Sally: >.> 

5. What is [3] theme song? Favorite food if [3] doesn’t have theme song.

Specter: My theme is Sudden Death form Custom Robo GCN

6. And what is [8] opinion about [3] theme song? If [3] doesn’t have a theme song make [8] eats [3]’s wallet.

Dr. Inoue: Kids and their music today.....

7. [5] has a drink in a bar and discovers [10] is a strip dancer.

Kio: *sees blaze as a stripper* :iconmotherofgodplz: Hope Mary Jane don't notice i'm here

8. So [5] was completely drunk and wakes up in bed next to… [9] and [1]?!

Kio: *wakes up and sees Basara and Sally* I need an adult? .3.;
Basara & Sally: We are adults. 

9. Something exploded and now [2], [6] and [8] are gender bended! How do they react?

Wildfire: :iconwhattheshitplz:
 Dr. Inoue: Oops....too much perfume in the mixture.

10. [1] suddenly feels an urge to chase after unicorns. What do [3] do to help him/her?

Specter: Want a unicorn? 
Basara: Do I!?
Specter: I'll get you one (:iconiliedplz:)

11. [4] is getting married to a rainbow dinosaur. How did it happen? Does [7] do anything about it?

Calamity: *looks at the dino* COME AT ME! 
*months later*
Zoey: o.o ............CALAMITY!

12. [8] is being chased by evil toys in a locked toy factory with a pen is his/her only weapon. Does he/she survive through the night?

Dr. Inoue: I'm too old for this shit! 

13. [5], [7] and [10] is having a picnic. Suddenly a giant pink donut falls out from the sky. Which one of them is likely to get hit by it?

*A donut falls on Kio*
Zoey: *shocked* Is he okay? 
Blaze: I'm sure he's fine.
Kio: *muffiled* So much sweet goodness! :iconjizzedinmypantsplz:

14. [8] stole [6] most valuable item (or person). What happen next?

Wildfire: *generating alot of heat* Doctor........where is my lucky wristbands!?
Dr. Inoue: :iconwtfboomplz: 

15. [10] found a Death Note! Who die?

Blaze: Eggman Nega........:iconkillitwithfireplz: 

16. [1], [2] and [4] are stay in [9]’s house while the house is surrounded by zombies! Wait, what do you mean [1] was bitten by a zombie?

Basara: *is bitten by zambie sonic* .........
Shiki: omg..
Sally: *in mind* maybe the basement graveyard was a bad idea.... 

17. [7] found a time machine. What does he/she do?

Zoey: Time to go to the future! 

18. [3], [4] and [5] decided to rob a bank. How did it go?

*in a jail cell*
Specter: How did this happen?
Calamity: Well SOMEONE had to drive but he was busy eyeballing some female!
Kio: *notonefuckwasgiven* 

19. Oh no! [8] was hit by a fire truck! Who (in the list) will be the first one to show up in the hospital?

Wildfire: *in the bed with cracks on his body*
Basara: *watching over him* Get well soon...

20. Tag someone? If you don’t do tagging, tell me [6]’s dark secret. EVIL Laughter!
No tagging. 

Wildfire: My secret is...................kthxbai *runs off* 
  • Mood: Irritated
  • Listening to: Ignited
  • Reading: SDGO Guides
  • Watching: Vash12349
  • Playing: MSG: Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Powerade


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Sprite- 2
.:PC:. Peppermint Sprite by GhosttheHedgehog12
NOTE: Only available to those who do NOT have a sprite. You also need to provide a reference picture.

Revamp- 5
.:PC:. Darcie Revamp by GhosttheHedgehog12
NOTE: I will try my best.

Sprite Sheet Help:
1 Section- 4
Jeff Extra Attacks by GhosttheHedgehog12
2 Sections- 8
3 Sections- 12
Half Sheet- 10
.:PC:. Avey Sprites by GhosttheHedgehog12
Full Sheet- 20
.:PC:. Cloud Sprite Sheet by GhosttheHedgehog12
NOTE: This will take time to do and be patient.

Non-Moving Icon- 2
Moving Icon- 5
.:Request:. Nebula Icon by GhosttheHedgehog12

Close Friends- 5 off
Close Family- 10 to 15 off

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GhosttheHedgehog12's Profile Picture
Jeff a.k.a. Ghost
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Ghost TH Stamp RQ by sonicnextgen24 Celestial Being Stamp by NeonRemix Gundam 00 by ririnyan
Name: Ghost the Hedgehog
Nickname: Black Joker, Nii-san (brother) by :iconxiotheneko12:
Species: Vampire/Hedgehog Hybrid
Orientation: Straight
Status: Taken
Country: U.S.A
Fighting Style: Boxing/Kickboxing (UFC style)
Powers: ghost-like(turning invisible, shape shifting, etc.), Wind
Weakness: Psychics
Weapon: GN Sword V
Primary Outfit: Jeans, Black Shirt, and Headphones
Alternate Clothing: Celestial Being Uniform
Hobby: Spriting, Walking to one city to another
Likes: Fighting, Music, beating the hell out of Eggman
Dislikes: Anyone who acts like they're God-Modly (invincible), Eggman.
Favorite Game: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Gears of War 1,2, and 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, and Sonic Generations
Favorite Gaming Platform: Shooting,Racing, and Platforming
Favorite Saying: "For the last fucking time, NOBODY SAID THERE WILL BE MATH!"
Favorite Music: Hip-hop, Rock, and a little Metal
Worst Thing You Fear: Heights
Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot, father of 3
Alt. Occupation: Mercenary

Bio: Ghost Is the youngest of his family. He gets bored real easily and he'll sometimes try to do something to keep himself from being bored. Anything from listening music to shooting bottles. He excels in hand-to-hand fighting and stealth movement.

Mischief Moving
Cryo (fusion)
Vamphog (sunset)
Background on this form: When Ghost was 15, he was attacked by one in an alley while he was heading home. He was converted into one but before it happened, he died due to the wounds. He later was resurrected and finds out that the bracelet on his right wrist keeps him in control of himself.

DA Family:

Waifu: :iconabsolangelis113::iconangelistheabsol: She's my busty poke'mon master. X/////3 Absol-mega by CreepyJellyfish

Pet: :iconvrindathehedgefox: The one that lays on my lap X)

:iconzombiecaptain: So cold....yet so epic.

:iconriomarley-limbo75: *looks for the word badass and sees his picture next to it* OMG He's badass....that means i'm half-badass! :iconinglipplz:

:iconroilbystarwarrior: She likes big butts X3333

:iconfannamedandrey: Mah boi :iconthekingplz:
:iconpokeczarelf: The epic swordsman of the seven seas

:iconpyroshadow117: my little adopted daughter. <3
:iconanaka14: Jin's even darker Waifu.
:icontomboyishsoniclover: I like reading her stories :)
:iconxxkidathehedgefoxxx: She's also a training partner :3
:iconxg4me-0verx: Check out her art. X3

:iconicethehedgehog100: The genius and #1 otaku
:iconakithehedgehog: The shiny pokemon: the Shiny Aki :iconghostnappaplz::iconsaysplz: I got a master ball with your name on it.
:iconronixth: All Yo chicken belong to meh
:iconbhadixthehedgehog: The twin that I never piss off. He'll go dead off in your ass.
:iconzyroman12: The student.
:icondavidth90animations: The guy that keeps his swag on.
:iconradichedgehog25: Crazy bro that tries to drive me crazy.
:iconxpixelmelodies: Funny mofo.
:iconxartic-bearx: Sparring Partner.
:iconryuman11: Reinbō no honō! (RAINBOW FLAME!)
:iconmrsupersonic1671: My Honduran brother with the same color.
:iconcorethewolf37:He's simply.............awesome bro.
:iconivanthunder12: spriter in crime
:iconduncanthesaiyanhog: :iconyunoguyplz: Y U NO BE ON HERE OFTEN!?
:iconuser18awesome: I still speak to him on YT
:iconleonthedragon-wolf: the ninja that saves Ashley and hooks up with Ada XD
:iconjayjay-animz: 1 out of the 2 bros in the UK :D

XxMy Pervy Clone/Stunt DoublexX
:iconjeffthewolfsage: He's like my half awesome pervy wolf bro! XD

:icontilly-3368: My England sis that glomps meh.
:icon123caitlinmarie: Mah Irn bru addicted sis XD
:icon16emogamergirl16: My favorite kitty X3
:iconxiotheneko12: She makes some good anime ^^
:iconbella4318: Loveable.....nothing more to be said.
:iconspeedstarsprites: She is awesome X3 .:SpeedStar Stamp 2014 Edition:. by SpeedStarSprites
:iconcrazyfirewolf: My Vash sis. DEMOLITION IS OUR MISSION!
:iconbluethornwolf: the cool type that I hang out with
:iconnaughtylilicy: One hell of an artist. X3
:iconnaturessonic: The cool artistic type.
:iconpandaandkitty720: I torture her with barrels >XDDD
:iconxx-magenta-bluesxx: PPG Bestie.
:iconmaria500: Little perveh sister X3
:iconsonicgal17: PewdiePie sis :iconpewdiestyleplz: XD
:iconxxx-r-a-i-n-xxx: Older sis X3
:iconxxmr-brightsidexx: Pewdiepie sis #2 :iconpewdiestyleplz:
:iconcutiepiethehedgecat: little cutie sis X3
:iconblackcrowncrew: older sister I like talking to X3

XxStreet Racing MasterxX
:iconsebastianthewolf24: He somehow beats me everytime

Zz-DAT Hedgewolf-zZ

:icondigital-papercut: *after watching some of his flashes* :iconepicstareplz:

:iconkojithehedgehog15: He challenges me and get beaten all the time and yet he comes for more.
:iconclashthetigerhog: He be showin dem stripes. even though he's my weed supplier. >XD
:iconxwarfreak: A bro at home, a rival on the battlefields. we always have our epic battles on fields.
:iconphantom765: I think of nothing but revenge but can't come though with it.

Theme Song: :cd: Here Comes Char (Andrew W.K. Version) :cd:

Battle Theme: :cd: Dark Bowser Theme :cd:

Working With:

SD Gundam Fighter Brigade
:iconghostthehedgehog12: Arios Gundam
:iconunknownnights: Gundam GP02 Physallis MRLS
:iconxxkyosukexx: G-3 Gundam
:iconsupersonic124th: Shining Gundam

Team Chaos
:icondark-x20: :iconherospeedplz:
:iconicethehedgehog100: :iconheropowerplz:
:iconghostthehedgehog12: :iconheroflyplz:

Team Neo Darkwind
:iconcynderthehedgehog12: :iconherospeedplz:
:iconzyroman12: :iconheropowerplz:
:iconghostthehedgehog12: :iconheroflyplz:
Theme: Aquatic Mine Remix by DJ SonicFreak

Team Psychic
:iconicethehedgehog100: :iconherospeedplz:
:iconghostthehedgehog12: :iconheropowerplz:
:iconakithehedgehog: :iconheroflyplz:
Theme: Rooftops by Lostprophets

Flag: Alabama by TheStampKing :thumb92628091: No Fancharacter Interaction by Blood-Of-Severity Not all Sonic fans are idiots by SA948-Stamps Girlfriend Appreciation Stamp by RebiValeska MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy DAAAMMMMMMMMMMMN by X2010 Spriter stamp by Hedgehogger DMC- Jackpot -stamp- by Seraphoid SHINING FINGER Stamp by Teeter-Echidna Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone Spriter's Stamp by pulsatingshadow Bear Stamp by Dshark I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatte Sparta this is by HolyAstronaut Fandom Respect stamp by Chrysalislover Gundam 00 by Stampernaut RP isn't RL by TheRoyalDonkey :thumb198368317: Deal with it by Fyi-Sus Vampire Kisses Stamp by Mirz123 Off to a new dimension by Fyi-Sus Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123 Videogames Are NOT Evil stamp by Hentai-Sweetie Pizza Stamp by manknux5667 What Really Happened in WW2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Dramatic Eagle by dragonflame95 Age Doesn't Matter by Bleeeker I Don't Care! by Operia

☞ Spell out your name...☜
A : Easy to fall in love with.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : One in a million.
E : Great in bed.
F : You love to drink.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You are Quirky.
I : You are popular with all types of people.
J : People Adore you.
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : Unbelievably great in bed.
M : You like to drink.
N : Best kisser ever.
O : Crazy.
P : Great in bed.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R: F*ckng crazy.
S : You are dead sexy.
T : You are very loyal to the ones you love.
U : You really like to chill.
V : You are not judgemental.
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You never let people tell you what to do.
Y : Best boy/girl friend any one can ask for.
Z : Always ready.

Fan Character:
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H: You are Quirky.
O : Crazy.
S : You are dead sexy.
T : You are very loyal to the ones you love.

J : People Adore you.
E : Great in bed.
F : You love to drink
F : You love to drink

Loyal Follower of Vash12349
"That's[/it's/he's/she's/you are/so] bootleg!"
"I'm squeezin' and cheesin', sprayin' and prayin'!"
"We're gonna GAY IT UP!"
"He crumbled..."
"You ain't spit, now you're about to get this dick."
"Navy Seals!"
"Bai Bai!"
"You too swoll!"

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